Tuesday, January 26

Party Pooper

I thought I would experiment with polymer clay, I thought what an easy craft just like when I was a kid. I was wrong there is definitely a learning curve and lots of talent involved. Why I thought it was something I could do well on the first try when I can't even follow a simple recipe and was never my best around an oven. First of all, it wasn't too bad but it had my finger prints all over it and was pretty uneven. But when I left it in the oven too long it turned into a monster and nothing I could do would make it any better. Dress it upien jewels, a little paint and still it's a monster, but it's my monster so I put a party pooper plaque on it and said enough done. Enjoy! Have you ever tried something new and was the absolute worst at it, tell us about it!

Vampire Bracelet Cuff Wristlet for a Vampire Weekend by gothB4play

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