Saturday, January 23

The Mark

Congratulations Jen Nadol on the new release of her new book "The Mark"(click link in title above) It sounds like a reMARKable MUST READ! I'm not going to be a spoiler so you MUST see for yourself, and MARK my word it's going to be a best seller.

My learning curve is more of a roller coaster, I go up slowly then down real fast and just when I think maybe I know where I am going there is this big turn and here I go back the way I came. But if you are always trying to learn something new your brain just might not loose it's spongeability (since that's a word I just made up I can spell it any way I want).

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  1. Hi Emme -
    You won the prize for day 3 of The Mark's launch party giveaways - congrats! It's a choice of one of the YA books listed on the site and a $15 Starbucks gift card. Just shoot me an email at jennadol (at) verizon (dot) net with your mailing address & let me know which book you want and I'll send it right off to you. Thanks for posting about the book and congrats again!


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