Sunday, January 17

Gothic Dreams

Gothic dreams at will could be an interesting result? I keep experimenting with different techniques just to see what makes it easier to have Lucid Dreams.

I had an interesting experience doing this last night. Just after falling asleep, I thought I woke up and everything looked pretty normal. I saw my door close and thought my husband must have gotten up and closed it so when he turned the light on in the living it wouldn't wake me. I went back to sleep and suddenly there was something "hovering" above me and I was floating up toward "it". And then...the big "O"! Then I woke up, really woke up this time. It had been a dream, my door was not shut and my husband was not up. But it was an extreme experience, the only thing I did do differently was take a B6 vitamin pill. B6 is supposed to make dreams more vivid...and it was vivid alright. I am not sure about the "hovering" thing but the rest was very....interesting...even for a not so Lucid Dream. Was it the B6 or was it something else, Twilight love, gothic dreams?

AlteRed Doll WaRrior with Handmade HeAddrEss ShEilD by gothB4play
This little warrior sorceress is one of my finished pieces on my gothB4play shop.

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