Wednesday, January 27

Gothic Girl

There is a village in India where they believe that some shamanistic women have two husbands. One is their living breathing husband the second is their "Spirit" husband. Or maybe it's the other way around the "Spirit" husband is with them first and the living breathing husband comes along years later at maturity. I'll be back later I need to create a Totem of some kind that will ward off any spirit husbands, I think one is enough.

There was this one "presence" that would visit me at night and I could feel "him" sit on the bed, get up and then sit down again. When it started my husband, who also felt it, thought it was our water bed (this was years ago). We purchased a new mattress custom made, and still we felt something sit on the bed, get up and sit down again. We bought a new home and a new bed, still there. At first I would think it was my husband sitting down on the bed and I would open my eyes and he wasn't even in the room. It was a little freaky at first, but he never did any damage, never made any noise, no breathing noises, actually pretty tame for a ghost. I eventually got used to it, like you do when your cat or dog sits by you on the bed, and no we had no pets.

Mystic Gothic Girl Doll by mystic2awesome on Etsy

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  1. I also have a ghost is my house... and sometimes my son and I hear murmurings in the front hallway on the steps... sounds almost like a radio is on and you can't make out the words. My husband can;t hear it... also since I was a smoker long ago I know cigarette smoke! Well this ghost must have been a smoker... because I smell it sometimes!

    I saw your comment on Renee's blog about gypsy's. I'm the one that started this blog ~hop on over and enjoy!


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