Tuesday, January 19

Black GHOST Stone

The alchemist have a container sometimes called the "vas bene clausam" which means the well sealed vessel. They place their ingredients into it, what kind of vessel do you use to carry your spells, potions and such. The "well-sealed vessel" is also a metaphor for psychological transformation of one to another more potent entity. I never considered myself an alchemist at all but after reading "Psychological Perspectives, The Eternal Quest" issues. I believe everyone has a little bit of an alchemist inside them and they carry their own "vas bene clausam", well-sealed vessel all their lives adding to it and discarding items from it as they go through life. I found this book at one of my Thrift Museums the other day and realized that I have been making "well-sealed vessels" of a sort in their physical form for different uses and it was interesting to actually see another perspective on them. Native Indians have their own stories of alchemist containers, as do many other tales from other countries. There must be some truth to their power otherwise why is the practice so world wide.

Black GHOST Stone Wire Pendant Necklace ReIncarnated by gothB4play

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