Saturday, January 30

Spirit Potions Bag

Looking for that perfect bag or pouch to carry your most potent spell potions in? Need I say that it MUST be adorned with colors that carry protection within them and dangles to confuse even the most mischievous of spirits. You can't put those most favored items in just any old bag and hope to preserve their potency not to mention style and one of a kind uniqueness. These also have items sewn inside to offer extra protection and of course you can always add your own easily. Colors have always had a psychological element from the beginning of time. I wear a lot of black but always have something of color in my jewelry, scarves, bags and such to add more layers of protective powers. I keep peppermint next to my computer to help with needed energy because it's a mental stimulant and jasmine for stress relief. What do you use to help protect and inspire you on a day by day basis?

Spirit Potions Bag with Beads and Buttons by gothB4play on Etsy

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