Saturday, January 16

Betty Davis Eyes Doll

What was it that was so special about Betty Davis' eyes that made her an icon. It wasn't their actual beauty but the haunting mystery behind them that made them famous. This is a little altered porcelain or china (not sure which) doll which has been altered for ghoulish purposes. You can see more of her at my shop gothB4play.

Betty Davis Eyes Doll with Hand dyed One of a Kind by gothB4play

I don't know what it is about these little dolls, they just seem to call to me. Each one had a life before I found them, probably belonging to a little girl somewhere who grew up and tossed them away as they did other childish toys. Now they are ready to have some real fun, new lives, new looks, new makeup and new designer clothes by the Great Late "Vampsace".

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