Wednesday, January 20

Vampire Weekend DaRk ChiLD

Get ready for another Vampire Weekend only a couple of days left and the twilight to midnight be sleeping before dawn parties start. This Dark Child is dressed and ready to go as an escort for you to your next bash, I am sure he will be a great protector. I found several little naked dolls at my favorite Thrift Museum and then had a dream about piercing them with pins and giving them nice embellishments to wear from some of my recycled pieces. Sometimes I am lucky enough to turn a dream into a Lucid Dream and I explore my dream scape to see what I can find there to use as a creative technique. That is how Kieran became and I think he is happy with his reincarnated self for a while anyway.

HelLisH KierAn DaRk ChiLD of the uNnAmED two HorNed by gothB4play

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