Saturday, February 13

Mermaid Dreams

Mermaid Comments & Graphics

~Magickal Graphics~

Do you ever have those dreams where you wake up and realize you are living under water and you have no problem breathing. Some would say that this is a memory of being in your Mother's womb, where you spent maybe a whole nine months or maybe not and you were comforted and felt safe. I am not a believer of this thought because I don't think I would see a sandy bottom or seaweed in the womb and I clearly remember swimming in a way that would be impossible in the womb. Well, that could be debunked by saying my memory was when I was a very small fetus and the womb seemed enormous with funny sand like bottom and seaweed type of things floating in there with me. I like to think that this dream is of my past life as a Mermaid, and if I am lucky enough to make this dream a "Lucid Dream" (look this phrase up it's important) I usually spend my time exploring the environment. You could in a Lucid Dream find a dream person and actually ask them questions like "why am I here", "why are you here", and any other question you might want to ask. Me? I just spend my time exploring what I can do and what is around me in the dream, I'm not one to ask a lot of questions. What would you like to control in your dreams?

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