Thursday, February 4

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Before there was time there was The One and The One was all and all was The One. Solitude is not a way to live so others were created. When there are Two then there can be love.
O.K....O.K. I was on a roll with this theme this morning and my hubby dumped all the tax info on the desk and I far, far away! When he is doing the taxes (himself ) you do not want to be on the same block as he yes I ran. I ran right out to my favorite Thrift Museum where I feel safe. Yes I am a weakling and yes I fear the Tax Gods every year when he makes my usually sweet hubby a real bear. If you never hear from me again...well, you know...start digging in my back yard.

SmOKy HeArt Hematite PenDant with Handmade by gothB4play on Etsy

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