Friday, February 5

Gothic Black Weekend

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Welcome to the beginning of The Weekend of what else but Superbowl. I am not a really big fan of sports, in school I knew just how many days in gym class that I could ditch, not suit up or play sick and still get a passing grade. I have a 4 inch scar on the top of my head and a smaller on on the inside of my left index finger from 7th grade gym class (one of the days I was sitting out having selectively forgotten my gym wear). If I can get hurt like that sitting out, I imagine I wouldn't have made it out of school alive if I had participated. I have been diagnosed with a type of dyslexia, I have no depth perception and my direction finder has always been screwed up so I had no chance in a gym class. That being said I will be attending a Super Bowl party...because hey, it's a party! I don't know who is playing, even though my husband explained it to me twice, My brain just can't retain sports facts. Thanks for stopping by and have a safe and fun weekend.

Gothic Black Bracelet Cuff for a Vampire Weekend by gothB4play

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