Sunday, February 14

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Boutiqueaholic: Black and Silver Featuring Etsians
What a wonderful way to start a rainy Sunday morning. I received a note telling me that my "Gothic Bride and Groom" was featured at Boutiqueaholic's blogspot along with some other very talented artistic crafters and I am honored. If you have a chance drop by her blog and visit, browse and chat a little and I guarantee you will enjoy the trip. My "Gothic Bride and Groom" cake topper was such a fun item to alter and reincarnate into what you see now. I checked some of the neighboring bridal shops and could not find anyone who even wanted to talk about a Bride in Gothic Black so I decided to create my own. I found that I like designing interesting and unique gowns, especially when they are so small. I gave the gown a designer name out of honor for that designer who is gone from this world to the next. "Vampsace" sounds like you know who, but one who will remain immortal in all minds one way or another.

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