Wednesday, February 10

Ghostly Intervention

Ghost & Graveyard Graphics

~Magickal Graphics~
I told my husband last night that I want to "Go" first...because I want some peace and quiet when I get up there. You see he's the talker in the house and I am the lurker or the quiet one, if you will. But before I go "there" I think I am going to hang around awhile and be a ghost. Not one of those scary ones I want to be like this one, quietly roaming around a castle or a really nice Malibu home in the hills. I won't terrorize the family at all, I'll be there to find their keys when they misplace them and put them back on the table they just finished looking at and could swear that they were not there a minute ago. Wait, that happens to me all the time...I have a ghost! There are ghosts out there that do help others, they just don't get as much publicity as the scarier ghosts do, but they are out there. If you did come back as a ghost what kind would you be and what would the first thing that you would do in your newly renovated ghost attire be?

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