Tuesday, February 2

Blood Red Tears Necklace

Vampire Comments

~Magickal Graphics~

I morn, I weep for a lover gone a long twilight ago, never seen again by daylight I hide here in the dark. My tears have turned blood red, cold as ice as hard as glass. Let me feel the scented mist of a favorite perfume on my neck, the breath of my lover on my brow, a wet tear on my cheek once again.

This was inspired by the a necklace I made from blood red glass teardrops and I have for sale at my mystic2awesome shop which I will eventually switch over to my gothB4play shop at etsy.

Those with a darker side might choose to wear Blood Red Tears Necklace to a secret tryst, midnight walk through the graveyard, or Goth party but beware of those drawn to blood red tears.

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