Tuesday, February 16


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What if? What if all was one and the same. What if? What if "belief" itself is the "power over all"? What if? What if "belief in good" is the same "belief" everywhere just in different languages and different forms. What if? What if "belief of the good in all" is like a human body. The brains "belief" is in intelligence, so the brain thinks it's "belief" is the only "belief". The arm's "belief" is in strength, the Leg's "belief" is in endurance to get us from one place to another. The heart's "belief" is in love and all things emotional, and the heart believes it's "belief" is the only righteous "belief". We all as a whole person knows that each "belief" is right for that part of the body, but we also all know that each is an important "belief" and each has the right to believe that their "belief" is the only "belief" that matters. But, you know that together they are one and as long as their "belief" is for the good of all it is the right belief. This is an opinion only, a moments thought and grain of sand upon life's beach.

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