Monday, February 1

Workplace Hell

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I saw this photo at "Magickal Graphics" and fell in love with it, It made me laugh this morning while I was reading about fluorescent bulbs and how they make you fatiqued in the workplace.
The reason fluorescent bulbs give people headaches and make the eyes tired is because they flicker up to 60 times per second. This flickering is not noticeable by the naked eye, but it does cause intense tiring of the brain. If you work in an office space with a fluorescent bulb keep a lamp nearby with a standard incandescence bulb to help blend out the flickering. Or better yet, just shut off the overhead fluorescent bulbs and bring your own lighting.


  1. got here in the end! lol! love the pic! yeah im not a fan of fluorescent lighting... ive always prefered lamplight or natural light. all the best with your blog!

  2. Thanks Moonangelnay for your visit and encouragement. Your blog is sooo way cool and so much to look at there!


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