Wednesday, February 17

Nighty Nite

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My great Grandmother used to say this poem to me before bedtime:

Nighty nite,
Sleep tight,
Don't let the big bed bugs bite.
If they do,
pick up a shoe,
And beat them till they are black and blue.

And this was supposed to make me sleep better? Well, no...I kept thinking there was this huge bug under my bed or in the closet just waiting for me to go to sleep. And guess who got beat black and blue for putting their shoes in bed with them? Maybe this was the beginning of my dark side, my imagination running away with me after I took some simple little statement the wrong way. What about "Keeping your eyes peeled" I still find a potato peeler a dark and evil tool. What sayings have you heard that tickle your dark side either in a good way or a bad way?

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