Saturday, February 20

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I found an interesting list today while reading a book found at my favorite Thrift Museum. It had a list of plants that help hold down the pollution levels in your home adding to your health and energy, WoW! They are:
Bamboo or Areca palm, Boston Fern (or any fern), Chrysanthemum, Corn Plant (dracaena), any Ivy Plant, Gerbera daisy, Golden pothos, Peace Lily, Philodendron, Snake plant and Spider Plant.
A beautiful spider plant can to a degree rid your home of certain formaldehyde fumes from your new carpeting. I am very allergic to these fumes and they make me very sick. (wish I'd known this earlier) It seems that microorganisms living in potting soil use airborne toxins as a source of their food. The roots absorb the waste produced by those microorganisms and then release cleaner air into your home. Way to go plants. I am off to buy a lonely Spider Plant who doesn't mind living among my creative clutter.

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  1. I knew that plants can help purify the air, but I never thought of the good bugs in the soil! Isn't nature awesome?

    I've nominated you for the Sunshine Blog Award:


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