Tuesday, February 9

Energy Matters

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What better way to conjure up some much needed energy than a spark of ginger, a Chinese medicine added to your drink or your bath water of alternating warm water and cool shower on your arms and legs after. The coolness of the water just on the legs and arms forces the blood back to the heart giving you the much needed boost for a stimulating energy boost rather than shocking your body. The ginger is good for aches and pains or colds and flu (also for the morning after hangover blues). I keep a bottle of water in the fridge with chopped up pieces of ginger in it and as I use up the ginger water I just fill it with more water and the next time I need ginger water there it is. One piece of ginger will continue to make ginger water for a long period of time if refrigerated properly, and can also be added to your favorite beverage. Share your special elixirs or potions that you use for that much needed energy boost with us in the comment section here today!

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